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Time flies

Swazi flag
Spring and summer came, spring and summer went.

To be honest, preparations – more than spreading the word and collecting information about who’s interested to participate – were lying low since April.

The plan was to meet up at the conference in the UK, but I was on sick-leave most of spring and had my focus on other topics. But now I am back!
I am planning an own little project in my big project (the one which pays my salary) and started to think about next year again.

I do have a list of people who are interested and I will contact you the coming days. The ones who did participate earlier, but did not get back to me, if they are interested, will also be contacted. Before that though I want to check-out what general questions, such as housing (if we still have one), common transport etc. to get a preliminary budget. I will also suggest several dates, which I want you to think about.

So hang on – information soon in your inbox!

One month left!

… and the participation list is set (still open though for last-minute turn-up’s, who arrange themselves – just let me know!) and some logo-material ordered! Our little European expedition will be joined by 4 cavers from South Africa and one non-caver. I am at least starting to get excited! Continue reading →

Thursday activities

This morning was a bit unorganized. Sipho is on holidays and no one really knew who is gonna drive us to the cave. We got up at 7.30ish as usual and were ready about an hour later … but no pick-up turned up. Dumsani was out driving something else, but would be taking us up […] Continue reading →


Yesterday was a no caving and no other fun day as we were preparing for the presentation at the Natural History Society in Mbabane in the evening. We sorted picture and made a slideshow, drew the map and … that was about it – it took all morning. We then went off to Mantenga Mountain […] Continue reading →

Pissed off!

I was hiking to the top today to get an idea of the area and how the caves could have formed. The other two went into the cave and we agreed to meet at 12 – at 14 they were still not back and no reaction on my shouting etc. – and they had taken […] Continue reading →

Arrived in Swaziland

P7230046, a photo by JohannesLundberg on Flickr. The Expedition is now in Swaziland, after a long flight from Stockholm via Frankfurt (where we had a few hours sightseeing in the city, including beer and schnizel) to Johannesburg (with an Airbus A380) and then to Mbabane in shuttle bus, where we were met by Darron and […] Continue reading →

No caves in Swaziland?

If you go to Atlas of the Great Caves and the Karst of Africa (2nd ed., 2008), edited by Michael Laumanns and published as volume 30 in Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte, and look up Swaziland (p. 403-404), all you get is “Crystalline basement rocks of Precambrian age underlie most of this small country. These are overlain […] Continue reading →

Flowstone in Gobholo Cave

ISV Caving 12th July (41)(s), a photo by Swazi Trails on Flickr. For the time being, I just want to point you to Swazi Trails’ photostream on Flickr. Continue reading →

The day before!

Only one day left, and here we are, with our Expedition Blog! We have most things arranged, we even managed to do most of our packing last weekend, must be something of a record! What was left, and started too late really, was to prepare aerial photos over the area. Don’t think it will matter […] Continue reading →