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No expedition?

 Those who do not want to join an expedition as such – you can always do the adventure trip in the explored part of the cave 🙂

New expedition – 2017

Swaziland 2017 Now it’s been some time since we were in Swaziland and Gobholo Cave – what’s the interest for an expedition in 2017? A call for interest has been posted on Facebook – and shared to some caving sites – in February. No date has been set so far, but it will most likely be in […] Continue reading →

900+ m surveyed

Aiming for at least 1 km before we leave coming weekend! More from our expedition will follow, when we are back in Europe and have more stable internet access. Continue reading →


Our week of holidays in South Africa now came to an end and we are finally at our destination in Ezulwini and settled into our house up on the mountain close to Gobholo cave yesterday evening after a day’s drive from Richards Bay and an unspectacular border crossing. New Year’s Day was a lazy day […] Continue reading →

Expedition goals

Not much time left, many loose ends to tie up still! One is what we want to accomplish during our stay. The main goal will be to survey as much as possible in a safe way. This will include digital storage of all survey data, and if possible digital recording of both polygon data and […] Continue reading →

Last day in the cave

Wednesday and came and went. Fast. This must have been the most fun day here actually. And I am not saying this because it was our last day to the cave and I am about to go home and de-dust. For once Darron had (nearly) a whole day to come with us and we did […] Continue reading →

Time to leave

7752096330_b4117117e4_z It’s about time to wrap up this expedition and leave Swaziland for this time. We had our last day in the cave yesterday, when we also spend some time on the surface together with Darron. We started by visiting the place where the river flows out after nearly 2kms underground. It’s a quite large river, […] Continue reading →

202 meters

7678659038_ff39cc0f2c_z 202 meters and 43 meters, that’s the latest official length and depth, respectively, of Gobholo Caves, dating from Sunday. The last four days we have not mapped more in the cave; on monday we went together with Sipho upstreams the cave to where the river flows underground. Not much time in the afternoon when we […] Continue reading →

New best friends

7663265680_a69065ce6c_z Today we were more successful with continuing to map and measure the cave. The car was still not fixed but we got a ride and were collected by another one. We started at 8 today and hiked up the mountain as usual, but today – Saturday – was much more activity in the forest. Women […] Continue reading →

Two days of surveying

7651668906_b6d68c7fce Sipho and Johannes surveying in Gobholo Cave, a photo from JohannesLundberg on Flickr. After two days of surveying Gobholo cave is 83 meter long and 24 meter deep. But this is only the beginning! I’m expecting it to be way longer, it is a formidable labyrinth of passages everywhere — the number of survey loops […] Continue reading →