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Time flies

Swazi flag
Spring and summer came, spring and summer went.

To be honest, preparations – more than spreading the word and collecting information about who’s interested to participate – were lying low since April.

The plan was to meet up at the conference in the UK, but I was on sick-leave most of spring and had my focus on other topics. But now I am back!
I am planning an own little project in my big project (the one which pays my salary) and started to think about next year again.

I do have a list of people who are interested and I will contact you the coming days. The ones who did participate earlier, but did not get back to me, if they are interested, will also be contacted. Before that though I want to check-out what general questions, such as housing (if we still have one), common transport etc. to get a preliminary budget. I will also suggest several dates, which I want you to think about.

So hang on – information soon in your inbox!

No expedition?

Those who do not want to join an expedition as such – you can always do the adventure trip in the explored part of the cave 🙂 Continue reading →

New expedition – 2017

Swaziland 2017 Now it’s been some time since we were in Swaziland and Gobholo Cave – what’s the interest for an expedition in 2017? A call for interest has been posted on Facebook – and shared to some caving sites – in February. No date has been set so far, but it will most likely be in […] Continue reading →

900+ m surveyed

Aiming for at least 1 km before we leave coming weekend! More from our expedition will follow, when we are back in Europe and have more stable internet access. Continue reading →

Thank you!

Today we got a big pre-christmas parcel. Thank you for sponsoring our expedition with caving gear! Continue reading →

It’s always nice …

… to get a parcel! 🙂 Continue reading →

All set!

Thanks to Anita at SwaziTrails the very last piece (and the rather important one in form of cars) of the puzzle for our one-week pre-expedition-tour is in place now! 🙂 Now we can lay back for a few days and just enjoy the thought of soon going on safari, walking white sandy beaches, snorkling in […] Continue reading →

Expedition Logo

Here it is – the logo for our expedition! Continue reading →

46 days

46 days to go until we leave for South Africa. The first week we, from overseas, will do a pre-expedition tour. As we have come to an end in planning and organising this first week, we cannot take on any new members as of now. It is of course still free to join the actual […] Continue reading →

Expedition goals

Not much time left, many loose ends to tie up still! One is what we want to accomplish during our stay. The main goal will be to survey as much as possible in a safe way. This will include digital storage of all survey data, and if possible digital recording of both polygon data and […] Continue reading →