Yesterday was a no caving and no other fun day as we were preparing for the presentation at the Natural History Society in Mbabane in the evening.

We sorted picture and made a slideshow, drew the map and … that was about it – it took all morning.
We then went off to Mantenga Mountain Lodge for a coffee and some scones. It was terribly windy yesterday and we had quite some work to keep the stuff on the table! There were bushfires everywhere, the air was not good and the views were strange.
After some food shopping we got home and just relaxed.

Just before we were picked up to go to Mbabane, a monkey (me facing the window in the kitchen with my back) tried his luck to steal our food by sticking his arm in the halv-open window, and through the bars infront of it, and pulled the plastic bag standing on a table towards the open window.
When I got to the window to pull it back the monkey looked a bit annoyed at me and did not want to let go! I won in the end and they got really angry and run up and down on the roof for ages.

In Mbabane we went for Indian food and the to the Mountain View hotel for the presentation.
Some 20 people turned up and I think it was good. We had some nice discussions and got home late.

It got much colder the last two days than it was in the beginning.

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