Thursday activities

This morning was a bit unorganized. Sipho is on holidays and no one really knew who is gonna drive us to the cave.
We got up at 7.30ish as usual and were ready about an hour later … but no pick-up turned up.

Dumsani was out driving something else, but would be taking us up as soon as possible (he is the one whose father has 8 wives and is related to the king). We used the time to have some bread in the sun as it is now impossible to sit inside because of the cold. As soon as we got out we were encircled by monkeys wanting our food!

We got up to the cave late today but only had taking-samples and picture agenda anyway. By now I can tell which bats moved over night 😉

We were climbing around for about 3 hours and walked back down via the water exit from the cave to take some measurements.
Back at the estate we waited for Darron to pick us up and were entertained by the Lucy the dog. We played footboll and the poor girl was very confused and tired after a while.

As today seems to be one of the colder ones again, I am already in bed. Today my hands were so cold when we got back, that I first had to warm them on the hot-water bottle!
After some chickenwings and sausage it was better 🙂

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