Weekend summary

So, a few days catch-up to do … after I frooze so much on Thursday and the night was not much warmer, I of course woke up with temperature on Friday and a headache, cough and soar throat.

We got bikes at the office in the morning and went to the National Museum a few kilometers away in Lobamba, the King’s village. Biking felt like the first time on a bike – cause the brakes were not really working.
The museum was actually more seeworthy than I had hoped and we spent quite some time there. The Natural History Museum wing was funny though – compared to Sweden and Austria at least. It was one room and they even had asbestos at display. And the African human evolution poster differed a bit from the ones I have seen so far.

After the museum we also went to the Mausoleum of the previous king.

Afterwards I was quite groggy and we skipped the cave.

Saturday the plan was to go to the cave at 7am with Darron, but he turned up first at 8.45 (why did we get up at 6?!) and by then my temp and headache had come back and I stayed behind studying in the hammock all morning and writing an exam (I actually started with it in April, but never got round to finish it). I was very happy I took my down jacket as I really needed it, not only indoors but also when I was out in the sun in the hammock – it had only about 25 degrees around lunch time …

In the evening it was pizzeria time (the one close to Legends really had good food!) again and it was good we were out for the evening. On Thursday the hostel was invaded by 19 girls with 4 teachers and they were all running around all the time and really getting on our nerves by Saturday eve.

Sunday was our hosts family day to the cave. It was his brothers birthday and he had come over from ZA with his family for the day and some other family joined in too.
We all went into the cave – we for mapping and the 3 men with 4 of the kids for exploring. It was interesting that all women (incl. Darrons girl) stayed ouside.
My head was still not the best and I felt the temp coming back.
The others picked loads of lemons before we went down – they looked funny (would not be EU-conform), but smelt very good.

And today I had another lazy day. Or actually – I did finish and hand in my exam. But I only got to the supermarket and back. And my hammocks disappeared 🙁
Maybe they left with the girl-group yesterday. Stupid cold!

The rest of the week starts looking a bit booked up.
Tomorrow there will be a BBQ with the guy who used to life at the estate and ran around there, when he was a kid. On Wednesday we are invited for dinner by Thea. Thursday we want to go to Mkaya and Friday morning to Malalotje and Saturday morning we are leaving.

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