Rhinos and hippos

Today we had the only real sightseeing-day of this three weeks long recon-trip. With some assistance by Swazi Trail (thanks Nikki and Darron!) we rent a car and went to Mkhaya Game Reserve. Manu was the hero of today, driving on the wrong side almost the whole way to Mkhaya, handling the police, and managed to get us to the meeting point in Phuzamoya more than a quarter before the appointed time, despite me, as the map reader, leading us on wrong way for a while… We had an exciting time in the reserve, spending it together with more rhinos I ever could have dreamt about. We also made close acquaintance with hippos, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, and numerous antelopes. Not to mention the lovely marabou storks! With all the birds even now in wintertime, it must be a small paradise in summer. Next time we’ll make sure planning in some more wildlife!

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