Last day in the cave

Wednesday and came and went. Fast.

This must have been the most fun day here actually. And I am not saying this because it was our last day to the cave and I am about to go home and de-dust.

For once Darron had (nearly) a whole day to come with us and we did quite a lot of exploring outside the cave – mainly checking out the holes we found but had no time to stick our heads into.
The deep hole we found on Wednesday proofed to be a new cave and one of the holes I had previously marked as maybe-additional entrance to the Gobholo cave proofed to be one!
We spend quite some time by the river exit and hiked through the thorn-bush and dust as usual (I am longing for a not thorny forest!).

We did some more pottery digging in the cave and at 3pm we met up with T (living at the Kapola estate) and a friend of hers from Namibia. I was rather surprised that people in third generation still speak German in Namibia.

The rest of the day we were in the cave, partly along the usual route and partly along new routes showing it to the two and collecting the last spiders to take with us (we left some in the cave). We found a new big chamber which was filled with mud – and graffiti. The entrance/exit was quite small and it was a bit funny to see that T had to be pushed/pulled through a bit like Winnie the Pooh stuck in a earthhole 😉
We found some new circular routes too and were in the cave for more than 3 hours! It was pitch-dark when we got out!

Afterwards we were invited to a Swazi dinner at T’s house with 4 of her friends. The food was marvellous and the company too.
And during the dinner we found out, that one of T’s friends did the graffiti in the chamber we discovered that day …

After some wine we got a ride home and had to sleep right away as we were going on Safari the next day!

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