Gobholo Cave at ICS2013

16th International Congress of Speleology

You will not miss this summers major caving event, the 16th International Congress of Speleology (a.k.a. the UIS Congress) in Brno?! There is still a few days left for on-line registration, if you haven’t registered yet! (After July 1, only on-site registration will be available.) Nearly 1000 persons have registerad as today, but less than 30 from Africa south of Sahara (and only one from South Africa).

Anyway, the program will be excellent and diverse, with excursions, movies, slideshows, expedition presentations, social gatherings, scientific presentations, meetings, and just chilling with cavers from all parts of the world, and in the midst of all this there will be a presentation of Gobholo Cave! So see you in Session 5: Karst, Pseudokarst and Caves in Other Rocks (Geology, Geomorphology, Geophysics, and Natural Resources)! (The printed contribution will be uploaded to the gobholocave.org-site directly after the congress.)

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