The day before!

Only one day left, and here we are, with our Expedition Blog!

We have most things arranged, we even managed to do most of our packing last weekend, must be something of a record! What was left, and started too late really, was to prepare aerial photos over the area. Don’t think it will matter much for the expedition though. We will be busy — waaaay too busy if Darron is right — exploring the cave anyway!
The cave is Swaziland’s Gobholo Cave, a boulder cave in the stunningly ancient granites of Swaziland. It has never been properly and systematically explored, and that’s why we are going to Swaziland tomorrow, to start mapping and exploring Gobholo cave. The cave is formed in a river ravine of some sort, and seems to occupy a lenght of 2km, surface line. With a normal boulder cave fractal factor, perhaps something like 10, this means that the potential for a very long boulder cave indeed is very high. It also seems to be home for potentially undescribed, troglomorphic arachnoids and perhaps also other organisms, as well as spectacular speleothems. Not to mention the genesis of this cave, that might be quite spectacular in itself!

We’ll try to keep you updated!

One thought on “The day before!

  1. We’re looking forward to your arrival. Travel safely. The fun is about to begin!

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