Happy New Year!

Male Kudu antelope

We survived St. Lucia’s land-going hippos, in fact we never saw one. Although we were warned so many times by locals and signs all over the place, we are not quite sure if we shall believe it or not. We only saw hippos and some crocs during our river tour on Sunday night.

Monday we got the so much hoped for sunny day and had a wonderful safari in Cape Vidal with a swim in the Indian Ocean, some time on the wonderful beach and a very good braii in a small forest by the coast. Some of us were even lucky and caught sight of a Leopard disappearing into the dense forest. The safari was very giving, as it was cooler (though not less sunny, which some of us unfortunately had to find out after the trip!) than in Hluhluwe we saw many more animals.
Cape Vidal was also much greener, as it is right by a lake and the sea. It was a well spent day and we got home just in time for all to visit the fruit and crafts market in St. Lucia, nothing beats fresh fruit where it grows!

New Year’s Eve was a very hot day and we left St. Lucia going to Richards Bay for the coming 3 days. We spent the evening in the Small Crafts Harbour, sitting outside on the veranda enjoying our dinner. We started the New Year on the pier, surrounded by locals having trunk-parties waiting for the year to turn into 2014.

We all had some issues getting home with the taxis we ordered, but we learned one good thing: in this part of the world it’s completely fine to go to the police officer and ask him to call for a taxi for you 
Two of us never got a taxi and ended up being driven back to the guesthouse by a South African family (4 grown up’s and 3 kids, who had no problem squeezing in two more), who was very helpful even in telling us what to do on New Year’s day and what not. Basically they told us not to do anything and after a short drive just before lunch I have to say, they were right. The entries to the beach are all locked off by police cars and there are just so many people out on the streets, much better to sit in the shade at the guesthouse and enjoy the little wind.

This South African family in the end even invited us for a braii today – ALL of us, all nine of us. But they called just before lunch, that they will be late … that was 1,5 hours ago. What was it our guide in Hluhluwe said? Africans have time, Europeans have clocks.

Happy 2014!

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