New expedition – 2017

Swaziland 2017
Now it’s been some time since we were in Swaziland and Gobholo Cave – what’s the interest for an expedition in 2017?
A call for interest has been posted on Facebook – and shared to some caving sites – in February.

No date has been set so far, but it will most likely be in Northern hemisphere summer 2017. We would like to have some pre-meeting with cavers interested at the Eurospeleo this summer in York.

The next expedition will not include a sightseeing trip before or after the expedition. Those who want to extend their visit to Southern Africa including sightseeing in countries around will have to make arrangements themselves.
A date when to be in Ezulwini will be set and those participating have to arrange themselves to be in Ezulwini at that date. The expedition will be around 10 days and include scouting of new caving areas in the area. We are considering to hire a caving bus for transport to and from start point for the hike to the cave depending on where we will stay.

Food arrangements will have to be discussed when participants are set.

Currently we have interest from Finland, Sweden, Austria and South Africa. Are YOU interested? Drop me a line so I know who to invite for the pre-meeting in York!
Manuela is the contact for signing up just as last time 🙂

Happy Easter!

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