Pissed off!

I was hiking to the top today to get an idea of the area and how the caves could have formed. The other two went into the cave and we agreed to meet at 12 – at 14 they were still not back and no reaction on my shouting etc. – and they had taken my helmet and lamp so I could not go and see if something had changed in the cave. I had no phone either and no keys to the gate or the car.
I placed the tripod in the middle of the cave exit to signal I was there and after 2 hours (and one hour of worrying a lot) I ran down to the car which is always parked in a wired-in area where there are two houses and in one someone is living. Because no one heard me shout I had to squeeze through a hole between the gate and the wire, go to the house and make the watchdog believe I am not bad, though I was very stressed out (now she is my friend but then she was not a happy chap).
Thankfully the lady was at home and we called around to get hold of some people as no one in the office answered.

In the end it showed that they just “forgot” the time (for two whole hours when you know you are doing something riskful it does not come into your mind that others might worry) and cause I was not there, when they finally got out 2,5 hours later, one went off to look for me (!) at the mountain – as if would be so irresponsible to go hiking when two people don’t get out of a cave at the agreed time and TWO hours later still did not show up.

At least now I know that I better keep save, as it did not come to their mind that I was getting help, they will most likely neither if anything happens to me.

One thought on “Pissed off!

  1. Bosse Lundberg says:

    Not very proffessionally … low awareness. Makes me vorry about the future. No wonder you worry, alpros. Bosse

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