Hiking up and down

The last three days I spent exploring and evaluating the geology in the valley of the cave, climbing over big boulders up to the top, through the river, walking through burnt-down forest, talking to cow-herds and visiting a home-stay. And taking pictures of course.

I found quite a few entrances to the cave system, which obviously goes through the whole valley (as the river is below the surface), but for some a rope would be good to have before going down.

We also started collecting plants and I picked some stones both in the cave,
on top of the mountain and in some newly broken-off rock.

The day before yesterday (when the two other guys decided not to come out of the cave at the agreed time) I was out alone, but was told, it would be a bit questionable for me to hike around all on my own and yesterday and today we all went off to look for the entry of the river to cave-system and the exit.

I even crawled up the mountain to a big boulder which recently had broken-off leaving a perfect granite surface not weathered at all! It was knife-sharp at the edges and reflected the sun.
Today was less “nice”-hiking as we more or less like apes went through the bushes and climbed up the river on the boulders on all fours. There are quite a few trees with thorns and bushes with sticky seeds.

Oh … and yes – our car has brakes now!!

Tomorrow we have a presentation at the National History Society, so we won’t go off to the mountains but stay at the hostel and prepare … yesterday we shared bunch of pictures with Rabbe, who could not join us in the end, to make some comment on how the cave has formed.


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