Swaziland 2012: Photos

Swaziland 2012, a set on Flickr. Continue reading →

Gobholo Cave at ICS2013

You will not miss this summers major caving event, the 16th International Congress of Speleology (a.k.a. the UIS Congress) in Brno?! There is still a few days left for on-line registration, if you haven’t registered yet! (After July 1, only on-site registration will be available.) Nearly 1000 persons have registerad as today, but less than […] Continue reading →

Back to Africa

We have now decided the date for the second Swazi-Swedish Expedition to Gobholo Cave: We arrive in Johannesburg on December 27, spend some days for faunistic and cultural surveys in Southern Africa (or in other words, sightseeing), and arrive to Swaziland some of the first days in January. We plan to spend about a week […] Continue reading →

Let’s do a science!

wpid-imag0014 Eight small aluminium foil packets, each with a small piece of speleothem or erosion surface samples, ready to be sent to the granite speleothem expert Juan Ramón in Coruña, Spain. Our (or rather Juan Ramón’s) working hypothesis is that the speleothems are not calcite (as usually in caves), but the more exotic minerals pigotite and […] Continue reading →

The adventure continues!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Being back home does not mean that the expedition is over. Far from it. Now it is time to start writing the expedition report, travelogues, planning for next expedition, and most exciting of all: start to distribute and investigate the samples we brought back with us. (OK, most exciting of all is the exploration of […] Continue reading →

Last day in the cave

Wednesday and came and went. Fast. This must have been the most fun day here actually. And I am not saying this because it was our last day to the cave and I am about to go home and de-dust. For once Darron had (nearly) a whole day to come with us and we did […] Continue reading →

Rhinos and hippos

7752097256_f8b98edc78_z Today we had the only real sightseeing-day of this three weeks long recon-trip. With some assistance by Swazi Trail (thanks Nikki and Darron!) we rent a car and went to Mkhaya Game Reserve. Manu was the hero of today, driving on the wrong side almost the whole way to Mkhaya, handling the police, and managed […] Continue reading →

Time to leave

7752096330_b4117117e4_z It’s about time to wrap up this expedition and leave Swaziland for this time. We had our last day in the cave yesterday, when we also spend some time on the surface together with Darron. We started by visiting the place where the river flows out after nearly 2kms underground. It’s a quite large river, […] Continue reading →

Weekend summary

20120806-191204 So, a few days catch-up to do … after I frooze so much on Thursday and the night was not much warmer, I of course woke up with temperature on Friday and a headache, cough and soar throat. We got bikes at the office in the morning and went to the National Museum a few […] Continue reading →