No caving without brakes

7663517750_820a6898e0_z Todays plan was to go to the cave quite early (alright, around ten, not that early) to try to survey down to the river in the cave. We went away alright, however, the car we have been driven in the last few days had squeeky breaks, so somebody had a look at them and, no […] Continue reading →

Two days of surveying

7651668906_b6d68c7fce Sipho and Johannes surveying in Gobholo Cave, a photo from JohannesLundberg on Flickr. After two days of surveying Gobholo cave is 83 meter long and 24 meter deep. But this is only the beginning! I’m expecting it to be way longer, it is a formidable labyrinth of passages everywhere — the number of survey loops […] Continue reading →

Red, blue and green

7645177010_fe2dec9017 My knees must be the most beautiful in the world! They are all red, blue and green – after only two days in the cave – or actually only one, because I had them colourful when I woke up too and just built on the “damage”. My arms are kind of the same, but keep […] Continue reading →

Arrived in Swaziland

P7230046, a photo by JohannesLundberg on Flickr. The Expedition is now in Swaziland, after a long flight from Stockholm via Frankfurt (where we had a few hours sightseeing in the city, including beer and schnizel) to Johannesburg (with an Airbus A380) and then to Mbabane in shuttle bus, where we were met by Darron and […] Continue reading →

On the way

Now we spent half a day in Frankfurt waiting for our connecting flight to Johannesburg. Luckily it was nice amd sunny and we took a walk along the Main before having a decent German dinner and heading back to the airport. Boarding in 1,5 hours … Continue reading →

No caves in Swaziland?

If you go to Atlas of the Great Caves and the Karst of Africa (2nd ed., 2008), edited by Michael Laumanns and published as volume 30 in Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte, and look up Swaziland (p. 403-404), all you get is “Crystalline basement rocks of Precambrian age underlie most of this small country. These are overlain […] Continue reading →

Flowstone in Gobholo Cave

ISV Caving 12th July (41)(s), a photo by Swazi Trails on Flickr. For the time being, I just want to point you to Swazi Trails’ photostream on Flickr. Continue reading →

On expedition

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The day before!

Only one day left, and here we are, with our Expedition Blog! We have most things arranged, we even managed to do most of our packing last weekend, must be something of a record! What was left, and started too late really, was to prepare aerial photos over the area. Don’t think it will matter […] Continue reading →