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How long?

The very first draft of the very first 200 m

The very first draft of the very first 200 m

The distance Gobholo River flows underground, in a straight line and not taking the slope in account, is close to 1.7km. The 200 mapped meters of the cave does not include most of the known side passages. The innermost part is found 70m straight line from the entrance. With side passages that distance may hold at least 300m cave, probably much more, giving a multiplication factor of at least 4.3. Assuming we can find accessible passages for say 1km of the 1.7 underground kms, well, then we have a long boulder cave indeed that will take years to explore and map! Darron has a story to tell that gives some more indication of the length potential of this 200 m long cave, but let’s save that for another day.

New best friends

7663265680_a69065ce6c_z Today we were more successful with continuing to map and measure the cave. The car was still not fixed but we got a ride and were collected by another one. We started at 8 today and hiked up the mountain as usual, but today – Saturday – was much more activity in the forest. Women […] Continue reading →

Two days of surveying

7651668906_b6d68c7fce Sipho and Johannes surveying in Gobholo Cave, a photo from JohannesLundberg on Flickr. After two days of surveying Gobholo cave is 83 meter long and 24 meter deep. But this is only the beginning! I’m expecting it to be way longer, it is a formidable labyrinth of passages everywhere — the number of survey loops […] Continue reading →