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1.1 km long, number 8 of the world’s longest (granite) caves!

Gobholo CaveToday Manuela e-mailed the surveyed length of Gobholo Cave to CaverBob: 1099 meters, depth 62 meters. Thus number 8 on the list over the world’s longest talus, boulder and granite caves! The longest straight line distance between two survey stations are just 170 meters, and with many unsurveyed parallel passages together with the distance between the sink and resurgence of the cave stream being 1.8 km, well, I’m sure to see Gobholo Cave climbing to the top of the list over the next few years!

How long?

7699304536_342fec2949_z The distance Gobholo River flows underground, in a straight line and not taking the slope in account, is close to 1.7km. The 200 mapped meters of the cave does not include most of the known side passages. The innermost part is found 70m straight line from the entrance. With side passages that distance may hold […] Continue reading →