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Gobholo Cave in Brno

ICS2013 at Brno

Just before our vacation in Austria and Germany, we had our presentation at the 16th International Congress of Speleology in Brno, the Czech Republic. I think the presentation went reasonable well, even if I need to start rehersing the presentations beforehand. And learn some more geology. But now there are no exuses to leave out Swaziland as a cave nation anymore!

M. Scheuerer, J. E. K. Lundberg and R. Sjöberg 2013. Gobholo cave: a long granite cave in Swaziland (Southern Africa). Proceedings of the 16th International Congress of Speleology, ed. M. Filippi and P. Bosák. Volume 3, pp. 305-307.

Gobholo Cave at ICS2013

You will not miss this summers major caving event, the 16th International Congress of Speleology (a.k.a. the UIS Congress) in Brno?! There is still a few days left for on-line registration, if you haven’t registered yet! (After July 1, only on-site registration will be available.) Nearly 1000 persons have registerad as today, but less than […] Continue reading →

202 meters

7678659038_ff39cc0f2c_z 202 meters and 43 meters, that’s the latest official length and depth, respectively, of Gobholo Caves, dating from Sunday. The last four days we have not mapped more in the cave; on monday we went together with Sipho upstreams the cave to where the river flows underground. Not much time in the afternoon when we […] Continue reading →